Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Paperfollies swaps

Hi I've been working hard on my swaps for paperfollies over at yahoo group every month they have beautiful little swaps and the people are so nice! I've been swaping with them for almost a year now and I love it!

this is the Rinchies that I made 

this is my 4x4 I colored it with my home made glitter mists and distressed everything!

I signed up to make 2 cards but for one of the card swaps I was the only one who signed up so I decided to give both cards to the one swap lol 

we had to make 2 tags based on an occupation so I picked a librarian  and zookeeper

swirls and pearls Thrinchies

oriental theme Inchies

we got to make a swap of choice so I made my partner this cute little mini

and last 2 Zentangles Twinchie's

I just love making the little swaps there so much fun! I hope every one is haven a great day! Have a happy scrappy day and thanks for stopping by!

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