Saturday, May 19, 2012

Movie Monday & New Matchbox Easel Card

Movie Monday & New Matchbox Easel Card

Wow what a week and it seemed to just fly by! Well I decided to post a few things I forgot to post earlier in the week you know how it is when inspiration hits us we catch it and run with it lol so this will be a little round up lol Ok first on the list is Movie Monday this is the card I made but forgot to post...

I'm leaving the backs real simple with my Favorite movie poster of the movie lol
 This is the movie list so fair but if you have any that you would like to see me do just leave a comment J

The notebook
p.s. I love you
The princess bride

Yesterday I made easel cards for the first time… I’m addicted lol there so much fun!! So I decided to make a matchbox easel card and how cute is this you can put some goodies in the drawers for whoever you send the card too J or you can make mini show box type things  in them either way it’s a great interactive card! Well I hope you enjoyed today’s blog post! And don’t forget to follow me and enter in the 100 subscriber’s giveaway! Thanks for stopping by! Have a happy scrappy weekend!

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