Saturday, August 25, 2012

Christmas Advent Calender

I found this beautiful wood house at a summer flea market last year and new I wanted to alter it but did not know to what then I was on pintrest and of course I seen some beautiful advent calenders so I decided I would make one for my familey :) 
I first painted it all red.

Then I added patterned paper this took some time because I had to make it all fit and every space was a different size lol 

Then I added the days 

Once filled I added some teardrop trim 

Then I added some die cuts 

 I decorated just one spot every year I'm going to decorate a different spot :) and there is room for some kisses for the kids :)

This was a big project and I love the way its turning out it will take years to finish but it will be worth it :) 
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Halloween card for my Mom

I made this card for my mom she wont get it until after Halloween because I'm going to put pix of the kids in there customs and the decorated house and a family pix in it for her but the "shell" is done lol

This was a fun card to make.
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Wind Chime

I used all the beautiful things I've been hording so I can see them everyday I used a small peanut can and used my hole punch to punch the hols the the Tim Holts swivel clasps to hang the charms :)

Then I hung it up for all to enjoy!!! 

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fall Wreath

Well fall is on our doorstep and I've never really been in to decorations as I've always had to move around and I've never really had the time to make anything so this year I'm starting to make my own and every year I'll add too it so I made this fall wreath for my door and I made the second one for my friend :) they was a lot of fun to make if you would like to know how I did it just leave a comment I'de be happy to help :) ok some of the flowers I got from the summer brights flower swap on MAS they are beautiful thank you ladies!!!! 

This is the second one I made :)

I'm going to be posting more now that my craft room is moved I'm still organizing it but as soon as its done I'll be posting the pix!!!

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Monday, August 20, 2012


Ok so Jacob is getting in to everything so it was time to move in to a craft room so I've been moving everything and I'm hoping to be done and back to posting every day by friday :) it's a lot of work because im moving everything up stairs and I will be able to make more clips and do more online from there it's like my own little office :) I can't wate to show you the pix and maybe I'll do a clip :) Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Winner of The CCLO blog hop candy on my blog was.....

Congrats!!!! Terry from Terry's Paper Pantry please email me with your add and I will get it out to you asap please put in the subject CCL Blog hop so I can find it and leave a comment once you have sent the email!!! Congrats again and thanks for hopping :)

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My Art Journal

Hi, ok I'm back lol this is a clip on what I was working on while I was away lol I've been making a Art Journal and I had so much fun with it!!! ok, so here is the clip :)
Thanks for stopping by and ill be anouncing the winner of the blog candy in the morning from the CCL Blog hop I'm going to do it when the kids are sleeping lol when you see the clip you will know what I mean hehe Kiara loves to be a part of the clips because she knows Grandme is going to watch them :)

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