Saturday, August 25, 2012

Christmas Advent Calender

I found this beautiful wood house at a summer flea market last year and new I wanted to alter it but did not know to what then I was on pintrest and of course I seen some beautiful advent calenders so I decided I would make one for my familey :) 
I first painted it all red.

Then I added patterned paper this took some time because I had to make it all fit and every space was a different size lol 

Then I added the days 

Once filled I added some teardrop trim 

Then I added some die cuts 

 I decorated just one spot every year I'm going to decorate a different spot :) and there is room for some kisses for the kids :)

This was a big project and I love the way its turning out it will take years to finish but it will be worth it :) 
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Love it! Great idea to start a tradition to decorate one spot every year!!

  2. That is beautiful!!! I love the idea of doing a spot eachyear and love, love how you did the roof....Now..I need to find something like that...:)

  3. what a lovely start to your advent calendar