Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Scrappy Tag

This is a tag I made I decided to use up some of my scraps I've been reading a lot of blogs that have been talking about how to clean up http://ecoscrapbook.blogspot.de/ had a blog hop on I believe the 22 for earth day so I've been taking some of the things I have learned and putting them to good use. I now have 2 paper bags one for plastic and one for paper trash and I have gone throw and found all my scraps that can still be used and decided to make a bunch of tags with them and keep them in a box so i can pick throw them when ever I have a album that needs a tag :) and I've been working on the computer to make labels I'm going to be covering shoe boxes and then labeling them with buttons, flowers, stickers, chipboard peaces and such. so thank you EcoScrapbook for hosting the blog hop and helping me become more Eco friendly! I'm now following your blog! I'm now off to scrap with my scraps!!!! Happy scraping and thanks for stopping by!!!!


  1. You tag is just beautiful! Do you have a Pinterest account? I do (under Kay Wallace) and I have a "board" where I pin my favorite tags and want to add yours! I am at work today, but will try to do that tomorrow or over the weekend! Thanks for the inspirations...and for the referral to http://www.paperphenomenontutorials.blogspot.de/

  2. Thank you and its under Tiffany Fariss I think but I love Pinterest i'm always pinning crafty things lol hope you have a great day! and thanks for showing my blog so much love!