Thursday, April 12, 2012

Candle Gift Card

This is a Candle Gift card that I have made out of a 6x11 peace of pattern paper if you would like to try and make one you take your peace of paper and score 1/8 then at 3in then at 7 1/2 in 8 1/4in and again at 9 3/4in and 10 5/8in. I know that's a lot lol but trust me its really easy then between the 81/4 and 93/4 cut out a rectangle this will be your window to see the candles then punch a hole on both sides i used eyelets just to make it more sturdy but you don't have to then you will fold on all the lines and put glue between the 10 5/8 and 11 and once you've made the box place it down then run some ribbon throw the bottom of it add candles and tie up throw the eyelets then fold at the 3in in to make the card.
To dress the card up at the 1/8 score mark you can use a border punch or use a pare of Paper edgers to give it a different look. 

This is my first Blog post and so I'm learning how to post things. 

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