Friday, July 6, 2012

$1.29 flip flops turned in to beautiful summer shoes!!

I got this idea off of pintrest this is the link to the tutorial we went off of but we did do it a little different :)  This was the perfict summer time project for my daughter and I we had so much fun in the tutorial i think she used a needle and thread to put the embelishments on but we just used hot glue :) and its working just fine! 

This is the pair I made.

This is the pair I helped my daughter make she picked out the colors and the embellishments I used the glue gun lol remember she is only 4 lol but I love the fact that she loves to craft with me I wouldn't have it any other way!!!

Too cute!!! give it a try you will love them even more because you made them!!! 
thanks for stopping by!!!


  1. Wow, love your fancy schmancy flip-flops. How fun and how cute!

  2. Too cute!!! You and Kiara probably had a lot of fun working on them together!!

  3. awesome flip flops.. I bet it was a blast making them!